In a world of cheapest/fastest/smallest/disposable, Zektor is a bit of an anomaly. If they design it, build it, put their name on it and sell it, it will work. And if for some reason it doesn't, they will take care of it. One of my projects uses a Zektor Prowler system that operates 16 hours a day, 7 days a week, sending video to displays over distances as long as 300'. In two years I have not had a single issue with that system. Not one. I have several other Zektor products in the field which just quietly work, day in and day out. I have also used some of their competition's "less expensive" alternatives, only to find myself going through the headaches of unreliable products, unhappy clients, free service calls, RMA's, etc. By contrast, Zektor builds a great product. They know the meaning of customer service and support, and I heartily recommend them to the pros of our industry.

Brad Sundberg, owner
BSUN Media System

Our company has a customer where we installed a surround system about 5+ years ago. We sold them a 50" Pioneer plasma. About a year ago there was a storm and the HDMI input on the TV died. Not my first choice on how to fix it, but for the time being I just moved the HDMI cable to the other (there are only two) HDMI input and reprogrammed the remote accordingly.

A few weeks ago another storm came through and knocked out the other HDMI input on the TV. The customer called Comcast first and the guy tried everything – including hooking the box up right at the TV with a short HDMI jumper – and could not get a picture.

We had installed some cheap, passive Component to Cat5 converters (don't recall the brand, they are Decora style with 110 punchdowns, first and last time we ever used them) for a DVD player. The Comcast tech disconnected the DVD player and hooked up his box with component. He got a picture, but the color was washed out and there were BAD rolling ground lines. (when I got there I also found that touching the component cables at the TV also caused the picture to jump in and out and go through varying degrees of picture quality. Almost seemed like the component jumpers themselves were bad)

Me being the smart guy that I am, grabbed the SoloCATs I had sitting on my desk before I headed to their house. This was on Tuesday and the customer was having a get-together at their house on Thursday, so I knew I HAD TO leave there with at least a picture on the screen one way or another. I got there and saw the terrible picture and instantly recognized the ground noise.

First thing I did was pull out the old "baluns", terminate with RJ45s, and plug in the SoloCATs on each end. I hooked up the same component jumpers, including the ones at the TV that had been acting like they were shorting out. I plugged in the SoloCAT power supply and the TV jumped to life with a PERFECT picture. I mean absolutely beautiful picture. The customer was ecstatic. The rolling ground lines were 100% gone and the picture was back to looking just like it did with HDMI. On top of that, moving the component jumpers at the TV no longer caused the picture to jump in and out.

Now the customer can take their time to find a repair shop to fix the HDMI inputs and I only need to go back after the TV is fixed to get my SoloCATs back!

Thanks for designing and manufacturing the best CAT5 extenders in the market.

Jim Stolzenbach
Home Safe Technologies

Zektor is the best a/v manufacturer in the business. I wish all companies listened to the integrator community and implemented the features that we want like they do and they design and manufacture their products in the USA.

Mike Esposito

Zektor is not as well known as many manufacturers but they should be. They put more features in a 2U chassis than any other manufacturer. 5 year advanced warranty, unmatched service and support along with personal relationships. We are looking forward to using their HDMI products in all of our upcoming projects.

Ryan M.