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The Zektor SoloCAT™ CAT5 Video System SoloCAT series extends component video with stereo analog or digital audio signals over commonly available Category 5 cable. Through enhanced engineering, Zektor is able to accomplish audio, video and power transmission over a SINGLE CAT5/5e/6 cable whereas most manufacturers require two cables to do the same transmission with lesser results. Analog or digital audio can be supplied at the transmitter side, analog and digital audio will be available, simultaneously, on the receiver side.

Note: The receiver analog outputs will only output digital audio if it is PCM stereo digital audio. If Dolby, or DTS digital audio is received, it will only be available on the digital output of the receiver, the analog outputs will be muted.

Component Video, Analog and Digital audio, and Power over a single CAT5 / CAT6 cable!

1080p60 @ 1000ft

Power is only needed at one side. In the case of our Wall Mount Transmitter / Receiver pair, power may be applied to the transmitter or receiver.

Our fully isolated design means there's no need for grounding wires. Works with monitors that use two or three pronged power cords, without the need to supply a ground wire to the SoloCAT.

Video is DC coupled throughout the design for the most demanding video applications.

All audio is transmitted over the CAT5 cable digitally. This allows you to turn the volume all the way down on the transmitter side and have absolute silence on the receiver side, even when driving a high gain audio amp. Eliminated are the pops, clicks, A.C. hum, and other artifacts that can occur when analog audio is sent over CAT5 cable.

Zektor's unique CAT5 connector angle, on our Decora receivers, allows you to install in shallow walls without stressing the CAT5 cable.

5 year ADVANCED replacement warranty