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• 8 local HDMI sources in
• 8 HDMI local outputs that mirror HDBaseT outputs.
• 8 HDBaseT outputs via a single RJ45
• Complies to HDMI v1.4a
• 3D capable
• 36 bit deep color
• HDCP 1.2 compliant
• 6.75 Gps data rate
• Built-in the HDCP internal management, DVI1.0, HDMI 1.4a
• High resolution displaying, up to 1080P, 1920 x1200@60Hz, HDTV compatible 340 MHz (up to 16 bit Y-U-V 444 supported @ 1080p/60) Deep color supported (XV color supported)
• Very low latency switching, primarily display dependent
• Audio / video breakaway- any video source can be viewed in any zone while listening to any selected audio source


• Audio Performance PCM (7.1ch), Dolby Digital, True HD, DTS-HD & Master Audio
• HDMI source outputs in either analog or digital format (no Dolby or DTS down conversion)
• Full pre amp features available in the Clarity HD™ Elite
• Volume, balance, bass, treble and 5 band equalizer control of analog AND digital audio • Audio format conversions (does not downmix Dolby5.1 or DTS to analog audio, but does pass multichannel audio to the S/PDIF outputs)
• Seamless conversion from analog to digital and digital to analog
• Analog and digital are available simultaneously on the outputs
• Local stereo analog audio and S/PDIF audio outputs
• Volume range: 0db to -99.5 db and full mute with 0.5 db step resolution
• Tone / EQ ranges: +20 db to -20 db with 0.5 db step resolution
• Lip Sync delay from 0 to 170ms per zone and/or per output
• Gain settings: (+/24db) for each input, separate gains available digital and analog
• 9 stereo L/R analog inputs
• 9 coax digital inputs and 9 optical digital inputs with audio conversion to coax for easy integration with cable and satellite set top boxes (STB's)
• Audio / video breakaway- any video source and any audio source in any zone at any time
• Play any audio source in the TV speakers via the HDMI stream if there are no in wall or in ceiling speakers giving you audio in that zone
• Doorbell Input custom programmable to play announcement in all zones or specific zones.
• Separate front and rear doorbell inputs

HDBaseT output information

• HDMI compliant to v1.4a
• 3D capable
• Local HDMI Connector 19 pin type female connector
• Bi directional IR ports
• Bi directional RS232 port
• 10/100 Ethernet port
• Source Port Connector Standard 19 pin HDMI
• Link Connector RJ-45 Shielded
• HDCP 1.2 compliant
• Input TMDS signal 1.2 volts (peak-to-peak)
• Input DDC signal 5 volts (peak-to-peak)
• Uncompressed video resolution 1080p / 1920x1200
• Deep Color 24-48 bits
• Vertical Frequency Range 50 ~60 Hz
• Audio Performance PCM (7.1ch), Dolby Digital, True HD, DTS-HD & Master Audio
• Zektor Gripper™ HDMI cable support brackets
• Supports Refresh Rates: 24Hz, 30Hz, 60Hz
• LED indicators for operation modes
• Supports transmission distances up to 328ft @ 1080p 50/60Hz
• Easy to install, simple to operate and the most effective solution for long signal extension.


• RS-232 and TCP/IP

• Control4® Simple Device Discovery Protocol (SDDP) enabled
• Control4® Certified
• Drivers for all major controller libraries


• 6U high, 17 inches wide, 10 inches deep 10.5" x 17" x 12"
• Internal IEC 110V / 240V medical grade auto ranging power supply
• Front panel LCD
• Zektor Gripper™ bracket for securing HDMI cables to the chassis
• Ships with integrated rack ears

3 year ADVANCED replacement warranty

All SoloCAT HD series extenders include HDMI over HDBaseT technology, bi directional IR, bi directional RS232 and power over cable. The SoloCAT HD MAX also includes 4 ports of 10/100 Ethernet and Zektor's proprietary Audio Return Path allowing reliable audio return from the remote zone outside of CEC control.

The Palladia III 6X4 Lite only works with the SoloCAT HDL RX 70M. Integrators can utilize either style with Clarity HD v3 or Palladia III chassis.

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User Guide

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Control4 - Version 1.04


Firmware - Version 1.25

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