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Best in class features:

Video, Audio and Power sent down a single CAT5/6/7 cable.
No power, or ground, needed at the receiver side.
Perfect for retrofits where only one CAT5/6/7 cable is pre-installed, but video and audio are both needed at the destination site.


450MHz bandwidth local ouputs, DC coupled inputs and outputs, for the most demanding video applications.
150MHz bandwidth CAT5/6/7 outputs, DC coupled for deep blacks and bright whites, and for black and white transitions without loss of sync.
Local component video outputs mirror CAT5/6/7 outputs.
8 Channels of YPbPr, YCbCr or RGsB video.
3 Channels of composite to component video conversion.
Full control of Contrast, Brightness, Saturation and Hue on the composite inputs.
8 Component video zones which can be switched to any of the 11 input channels.


Volume, Balance, Bass, Treble and 5 Band Equalizer control of analog AND digital audio.
Analog audio is automatically converted to digital audio, digital audio is automatically converted to analog audio.
Both analog and digital audio is available simultaneously on the outputs.
Local stereo analog audio, and S/PDIF audio outputs.
Volume range: 0dB to -99.5dB, and full mute, with 0.5dB step resolution.
Tone / EQ ranges: +20dB to -20dB, with 0.5dB step resolution.
Gain settings (+/-24dB) for each input, seperate gains available for digital and analog.
Lip sync delay from 0 to 170ms, per zone and/or per input.
8 coax digital inputs and 4 optical digital inputs w/auto conversion to coax for easy integration with cable boxes.


TCP/IP, Bi-directional RS-232 and RS-422, Front panel IR sensor, Rear panel IR jack.
TCP/IP and RS-232 / RS-422 share the same protocol. Protocol allows for polled or instant update modes. Polled or instant update modes are settable on a command by command basis.
Over 350 discrete IR codes!

5 year ADVANCED replacement warranty

Bandwidth: 0Hz-450MHz @ +1/-3dB, all channels
Input Coupling: D.C. (max. allowable D.C. offset: 1.5V)
Output Coupling: D.C. (D.C. offset less than 40mV)
Resolution: 480i-1440p, all HDTV modes, includes 1080p24 & 1080p60
Input impedance: 75 ohms

Analog Audio

Freq. Response: 5Hz-20KHz @ +/-0.1dB
S.N. Ratio: > 85dB, 5Hz-20KHz unweighted
Input impedance: 5K ohms

Digital Audio

S/PDIF Inputs: 8 Coax, 8 Optical (w/ auto conversion)
S/PDIF Outputs: 8 Coax
Transfer Rates: 13.2Mb/S
Audio Modes: PCM,DD5.1,DTS,All modes
Coax Input Levels: 200mV-7.0V (PC card compatible)
Coax Output Level: 500mV nominal into 75 ohms


IR Sensor: Modulation Frequency: 34KHz-42KHz
IR Jack: 3V-15V any polarity, mod. or un-mod. (IR jack is opto-isolated)
Serial Port: 19200 8N1, USB Cable Compatible - K.I.S.S.™, Upgradable Firmware
TCP/IP: Full Duplex 10Mbps - K.I.S.S.™, Raw TCP/IP Socket


Power Req.: 32 Watts
Mains Voltage: 100V-240V, 50Hz-60Hz, auto-sensing
Power Supply: Standard 3 prong IEC C14 connector
Dimensions: 17"W x 9.75"D x 3.375"H (feet add 0.25")

5 year ADVANCED replacement warranty

Quick Start Guide

User Guide - Version 1.4

Control Files

TCP/IP Serial Protocol

Pronto Hex



Control4 - Version 2.08a (Fixes problems with OS 2.6+)


Firmware - Version 1.29

Version History